20 Gross Things You Use Every Day and Should Definitely Clean

Germs are everywhere. Do you go to fill up your gas tank? That handle is germ central. Need to get money out of an ATM machine? Those buttons are covered in nastiness. And work bathrooms? Don’t even get us started.

According to a 2012 study called The Healthy Workplace Project from Kimberly-Clark Professionals, 75 percent of sink faucet handles at workplaces nationwide have high levels of contamination. Of course, you can’t go around cleaning everything in sight. But you can take care of germs in your own home.

The average American spends 28 minutes a day cleaning their home. But sadly, that might not be enough. There are still countless spots around the house that could use a daily once-over—and rarely, if ever, get one.

To reduce the risk of pathogens infesting every inch of your home, we’ve rounded up all the gross things you use daily and should be cleaning more often.

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