Popular Color Trends for 2019

Millennial pink has had its moment this year, but it is officially over! It is time to bring in some new, vibrant colors into the home interior mix.

Read on for the hottest colors that will be trending next year, according to House Beautiful, and for some fabulous home decor inspo!

Dark green

Hunter green was a popular color in the 90s and it will be trending once more in 2019.

Hints of gray in your green will add a level of chicness and sophistication.

Muted pastels

Millennial pink may be over, but muted pastels will be all the rage next year—which is similar enough!

Tinted Gray

Gray has always been a classic neutral color and part of any good home interior.


You may be thinking this color is dated and dull—but think again.


If you love earth tones, then this will be the color for you and your home next year.

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