Small Bathroom Ideas to Make the Most of a Tiny Space

With the latest sanitary ware, storage pieces, tiles and flooring, there’s a myriad of ways to create a bathroom that functions brilliantly and looks absolutely fabulous.

Get ready to steal ideas for your washing space from these highly practical yet still super stylish bathroom schemes.

Feature the floor

Laying a patterned floor in your bathroom is a sure fire way of giving it a big personality as it’s an eye-catching trend that suits all styles. The rest of the bathroom needs to remain relatively plain in comparison to balance the space and wall hung fixtures will let the pattern pop.

Choose calming colors

Neutral colors will turn your bathroom into a small and soothing sanctuary. Choose pale toned tiles with subtle texture for interest like these pebble inspired raised decor tiles. If you can, squeeze in a modern roll top bath to complete the spa-like space.

Lean a ladder

Wooden or metal storage ladders make great additions to bathrooms as they are a visually stylish way of storing and drying towels. And, being vertical in design means they take up very little space. Leaned in the corner, this one breaks up the full wall metro tiling nicely.

Tile half way

Half-way tiling or tiling just wet areas of your bathroom means you can cut costs if you are on a budget. Keeping the upper walls tile free will also open up the room to make it feel more spacious. Mount artwork on the plain painted walls to tie your bathroom scheme together.

Tile in style

This small Crittall-style bath screen is a great way of introducing new trends into your washroom. The strong structural lines are clean and keep the space effortlessly streamlined.

Continue the cutting edge style with matt black fixtures set against white hexagon mosaic tiles. The overall look here is ultra-modern and striking.

Zone the area

Monochrome colors, warm wood and zingy lime make this bathroom scheme uplifting and funky. Zoning the wet area with patterned flooring creates a bigger open-plan vibe and looks glorious against the salvaged plank-style wall panels.

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