Hacks For Making The Most of Tiny Studios & Dorm Rooms

Whether you’re heading off to college for the first time or you’ve just moved into a tiny studio apartment, living in a small space can be quite a challenge.

Make the most of the space that you do have with thoughtful interior design decisions that will save you space.

Hang up your decor, create a room division using shelving or invest in multifunctional furniture. These hacks will help you feel happy and comfortable in your new living area.

Try Hanging Decor

In a small space, you don’t usually have much room for standing decorations. Forget sculptures or fancy furniture, and instead get something you can hang from the ceiling or walls.

Use a Clothing Rack as a Home Decor Element

Sometimes your storage can double as home decor. Not only does it hold all your coats and other clothing items, but it also doubles as an eye-catching home decor piece to display your favorite pieces in your wardrobe.

The bamboo-colored rack boasts a triangle design that creates stability and adds a mid-century modern touch to any space.

Lift Your Bed Off The Ground

If you ever had a lofted bed as a child, you know the advantages of lifting your bed off the ground. Using a platform allows for extra under bed storage, thus keeping all your clutter tucked away under the bed skirt. In turn, that allows you to use your space for you rather than your stuff.

Try a Floating Desk

Going back to the first idea on this list, hanging things on the walls in a tiny dorm or studio can really free up a lot of space. That’s especially true when comparing a traditional desk with one that “floats.”

Use Shelving as a Room Divider

If your dorm room or studio is large enough, you may want to invest in a room divider to create the appearance or more space and give you some privacy. Bookcases work well (especially those that don’t have a backside), doubling as a divider and storage.

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