Unexpected Paint Colors You’re Going to Want to Bring Home ASAP

These paint colors are for the risk-takers.

It’s no secret that paint colors can make or break a room. They can utterly change the look and feel of the space, and in carefully designed rooms, the right shade works with the furnishings and décor to evoke a feeling or create a specific atmosphere.

Certain kitchen cabinet paint colors can encourage (or even discourage) appetites; living room paint colors can be nearly any color, depending on whether the space is most often used for entertaining or relaxing.

With all the room-shaping power paint colors hold, it’s no surprise that picking the right one can be a paralyzing decision.

The various shades of white paint are popular in their own right, but they also serve as a relatively safe default when choosing a bolder, riskier paint color seems too much. If white isn’t your preferred color, don’t settle for what feels like a safe pick: Other colors are out there, and they can be stunning.

Check out these bold paint colors, and then head to the local paint store to pick up some swatches; you may be surprised by the unexpected direction your next painting project takes after seeing these colorful spaces.

© Nickolas Sargent / Room by Christopher Peacock.

Ashwood Moss

In the kitchen, a deep green tone paired with gold hardware and wood accents establishes an easygoing feeling with a sophisticated bend.

White cabinets are a tried-and-true favorite and navy cabinets are popping up more and more, but green cabinets are a striking choice you won’t see in every kitchen. Try it out if you want to stand out from the crowd—you might just find a new favorite color in the process.

© Nickolas Sargent / Room by Peter Pennoyer Architects

Newburyport Blue

Bold trim can bring any room to life, but in a room like this one that already has plenty going on, the trusty navy trim (who doesn’t love blue paint colors?) anchors the space.

The beauty of colorful trim is that it can go with plain walls as a pop of visual interest or with patterned walls as an accompaniment.

In this bedroom, the navy shines as a soothing element, keeping the room’s energetic colors and patterns from becoming too overwhelming.

© Nickolas Sargent / Room by Corey Damon Jenkins and Associates, LLC.

Pink Swirl

For many people, pink is traditionally feminine, almost girly; fans of the color may fear that plastering pink on the walls may make the space feel childish.

Fear no more, though, because this study proves that pink can feel elegant, mature, and even a little masculine—a.k.a. there’s nowhere pink can’t go.

© Matthew Williams Photography / Room by Studio DB


This jewel-toned green shade is part of Benjamin Moore’s designers-only Century paint line, meaning you can’t just pick it up at the local store—but you can find a similar color or work with a designer to bring this relaxing paint color home.

Used on the walls and ceilings in this small but well-lit boudoir, it feels positively cozy; in a larger space, it can be used as a splash of color on trim or the door or all-over for a bold look.

© Vicente Wolf / Room by Vicente Wolf Associates

Dark Burgundy

Bright and bold in this eclectic breakfast room, burgundy may not be a top-of-mind color, but this space proves—without a doubt—that a bold paint color makes any room ten times more interesting.

Heavily saturated, this shade feels dramatic and exciting (and even a little intimate), primed for a dining room, a library, or dressing space.

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