The Wackiest Home in Every State

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Hawaii: Kehena Cliff House

Perched on a lava cliff at Kehena Point, the Kehena Cliff House is a three-story concrete mansion with spectacular views of the sea below. Each room was designed to accommodate sweeping views of the ocean—and the home is particularly well-suited for whale watching. Now, those who would like to stay in this architectural feat can for $249 per night, as an Airbnb.

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Idaho: Teepee House

This teepee house, built in Cascade, Idaho, is a tiny home consisting of a quaint 826 square feet. Inside are two bedrooms, a half bath, a kitchen, and a wood stove (there’s a bathhouse just outside). Located in the middle of the woods, this home is all about accessing the simple things in life—like the wooden deck made for stargazing.

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Illinois: The Kirsch Home

This bizarrely shaped residence was designed by architect Errol J. Kirsch in the late ’70s. And while he didn’t say much about his inspiration for it, the architecture blog Strange Buildings says the futuristic dwelling was likely built to be environmentally conscious, with the masonry moss strategically placed to provide insulation and the windows set up to illuminate the space in place of electric lighting.

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Indiana: Twisted House

For this creative home, on showcase at the Indianapolis Art Center in Indianapolis, American artist John McNaughton aimed to “turn the idea of a home (literally) on its head.” “Twisted House” was installed in 2005 as part of the Center’s ARTSPARK initiative. If you visit, you can walk around and pretend what it might be like to live in this bizarre little home.

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Iowa: Spaceship House

Located in Urbandale, Iowa, the Spaceship House was built in 1993 by farmer and millionaire businessman Lemar Koethe. Though the mansion may have an incredibly futuristic exterior, its interior still contains all the luxuries that the owner didn’t want to forego, such as a car wash bay and a recreation center. More than anything, the home provides stunning panoramic views of the surrounding Iowa countryside.

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