The Wackiest Home in Every State

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Kansas: Subterra Castle

Perhaps the most unforgettable dwelling on the list is this Cold War-era missile silo that was converted into a home by Ed and Dianna Peden in 1994. Once housing a four-megaton warhead, this “home” is now an eclectic living space. Who says living underground can’t be stylish?

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Kentucky: Mother Goose House

This famous Kentucky attraction was built by artist George Stacy in 1935. The goose structure is even equipped with egg-shaped windows and automobile lights that serve as the goose’s eyes. Decades after it was built, visitors still flock to this home to experience it themselves.

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Louisiana: The Shipping Container House

Since 2017, this three-stories tall shipping container home has been standing proudly in New Orleans. Dreamt up by owners Kicker and Ann Kalozdi, this home contains seven Irish Channel shipping containers, welded together for durability.

The interior of the home is just as unique, specifically because it looks nothing like the inside of a shipping container. The couple managed to creating comfortable, open spaces throughout the home.

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Maine: Goose Rocks Light

Built in 1890, Goose Rocks Light, located near North Haven, Maine, was purchased by a private organization, Beacon Preservation, in 2006. Now, visitors to the lighthouse can stay overnight in the second level keeper’s quarters, though it’s definitely quite the adventure to get there.

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Maryland: The Mushroom Home

During the 1970s, futurist architect Roy Mason transformed the once-ordinary home that stood on this site into this one, which typically reminds people of the set of The Lord of the Rings. To create its curvy shape, the architect used polyurethane foam. The interior includes plenty of reading nooks and magical spaces. Currently, the Bethesda home is privately owned.

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