The Wackiest Home in Every State

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Massachusetts: The Paper House

Yes, this is an actual house made of actual paper. The Paper House in Rockford, Massachusetts, was designed and built by mechanical engineer Elis F. Stenman. Now, nearly a century after the property was first constructed, visitors can explore this wild home, which was built, and decorated, using 100,000 pieces of varnished newspapers.

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Michigan: Honolulu House

This Hawaiian-inspired oasis was built in the middle of small-town Marshall, Michigan, in 1860. The inspiring piece of architecture was constructed by the former chief justice of the Michigan Supreme Court Abner Pratt, who wanted to mimic the ‘Iolani Palace in Hawaii. Featuring tropical murals and a sprawling wraparound porch, the Honolulu House remains the most impressive home in the state.

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Minnesota: Ensculptic House

Made out of hardened polyurethane insulation foam, the Ensculptic House was built by architect Winslow Wedin in 1969. If you view it from the top or the side, the Minnesotan home looks like a giant mushroom, with small pockets of light illuminating the creative spaces inside. The residence is still privately owned.

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Mississippi: Longwood Mansion

Also known as Nut’s Folly, this historic antebellum mansion in Natchez, Mississippi, was built in 1864 and is the largest octagonal home in the country. After surviving decades of neglect, the mansion now operates as a historic house museum. (Fun fact: You might recognize this home from a few episodes of True Blood).

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Missouri: Caveland

Once a licensed bomb shelter, the cave used to build Caveland was originally purchased on eBay by owners Curt and Deborah Sleeper. Now, the property features two stories of bedrooms, gently curving staircases, hardwood floors, and 28 sliding glass doors on its facade. Not to mention, a good portion of the cave is preserved inside the home.

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