The Wackiest Home in Every State

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Montana: The Shire of Montana

Though it might seem like it’s straight from the set of The Lord of the Rings, this architectural treasure in Trout Creek, Montana, is a private guest home adorned with all of the staples that make it resemble the famed Hobbit dwellings you know and love.

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Nebraska: The Captain Bailey House 

Built in 1877 for Benson Bailey, a Civil War vet, this gothic revival has become somewhat famous in the state of Nebraska. Though no one knows where the home was originally built, it was at one point disassembled and moved to its new location in Brownville—and now serves as part of the Brownville Historical Society museum.

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Nevada: Castillo del Sol

Since former Nevada lieutenant governor and neurosurgeon Lonnie Hammargren is known as the “Man who Collects Everything,” it makes sense that he would build a massive estate to pay tribute to his treasures. Located in Las Vegas, this not-so-humble abode features millions of dollars worth of collectibles, from roller coasters to movie props.

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New Hampshire: Lake Sunapee Home

Currently listed as the most expensive home in the state of New Hampshire, this residence, situated on the scenic Lake Sunapee, is just five years old but still manages to embody a stunning old-time opulence. And if you want to own this piece of paradise, it’ll cost you; the dreamy home is listed at $6 million.

New Jersey: Luna Parc

Considered artist Ricky Boscarino’s largest and most impressive work to date, Luna Parc was built in 1989—but that’s not to say it was finished then. For decades, the artist and architect has added new sculptures, paintings, and other pieces of art to his whimsical home.

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