So What Exactly Is Semi Gloss Paint, Anyway?

There are a ton of different paint sheens to choose from when searching for a new look for your walls-from high gloss to flat (also known as matte), and everything in between, searching for the right finish can seem like a daunting task.

Semi-gloss paint is one of the classic finishes you can use throughout your house-it sits in between a high-gloss and flat finish, so it’s the perfect middle man for all of your painting needs. Want more info? Here’s everything you need to know about semi-gloss paint.

What is semi-gloss paint?

Semi-gloss is often most compared to a satin finish, but has much more sheen than the latter. That means light from windows and lamps will bounce off semi-gloss paint more easily than than a flatter finish, like eggshell or satin.

Where should I use semi-gloss paint?

Semi-gloss paint is perfect for rooms where moisture, drips, and grease stains often end up on the walls-like your kitchen or bathroom.

It’s durable paint and can be easily scrubbed clean of any imperfections due to its high level of sheen-which also makes it the perfect choice for kids’ bedrooms and playrooms.

It’s also often the chosen finish for the trimmings of your home, like mantels, stair railings, cabinetry, and crown molding because that sheen will really make these architectural elements pop. The finish also works well with a light color when trying to make a dark space look brighter.

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