Porch Swing Plans You Need to DIY ASAP

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If there’s one thing summer is synonymous with, it’s spending lots of time relaxing on your porch swing. Don’t have one? These porch swing plans will instantly make your porch or patio incredibly cozy.

If you’re on the craftier side, there are many DIY porch swings you can create and customize yourself. If you’d rather buy one, there are also plenty of affordable options that you can purchase and have delivered right to your home.

Whether your style is contemporary, classic, or somewhere in between, there’s a porch swing here that’ll look great as your newest piece of home decor. They’re perfect for reading a book, lounging around, or even taking a nap. (Yes, the cushioned models are crazy comfortable!)

Once your neighbors eye your sleek new swing, they’ll definitely want to come over and try it out for themselves. And one of the nice things about these swings is that they can fit multiple people comfortably, so you and a friend or family member can take a seat at the same time.

You’ll have a tough time peeling yourself away once you’ve gotten comfortable-but with beautiful weather upon us, it’s a wonderful time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your new addition.

The Inspired Workshop

DIY Porch Bed Swing

This blogger writes that the rope suspension on this swing gives her “all the heart eyes.” We’d have to agree!

Virginia Sweet Pea

DIY Lumber Porch Swing

Feel free to paint or stain this wood swing to match the rest of your exterior. However, it’s still stunning left au naturel.

Plank and Pillow

Porch Swing Bed

You’re about to have the most coveted porch in the neighborhood once it’s adorned with this comfy and cute DIY.

A Beautiful Mess

DIY White Porch Swing

You can completely transform the look of this swing with a few accent pillows. The bright hues make the swing a focal point, but if subtle is more your style, softer shades would also look nice.

Sincerely, Marie Designs

DIY Porch Swing and Pergola

A pretty pergola will offer you some shade as you lounge in your swing on sunny days. It makes for an ideal reading nook.


White Porch Swing

Add a throw blanket and decorative pillows to make your seat snug. After all, a few additions can completely change the look of the swing.

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