Amazing Second Uses for Old Plastic Water Bottles

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In many households, the majority of the recycling bin is occupied by old, empty water bottles. But did you know that instead of recycling these plastic bottles, you can actually repurpose them in your garden, around the house, and even during the holidays?

Keep reading to discover some of the smartest second uses for your old water bottles.

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Bird Feeder

Want to give your water bottle a second life and beautify your garden at the same time? Then turn your old plastic bottle into a bird feeder! Simply cut a hole into the side of your bottle and fill it with seed.

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With a little bit of creativity, water bottles make the perfect vessels for flowers and bouquets. Even if you have to spend a few extra dollars on paint and crafting supplies, your DIY water bottle vase is still a far cheaper (and more eco-friendly) option than any receptacle you’d find at the store.

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Toy Car

Instead of wasting money at the store on a toy your kid is going to tire of in a few days, try your hand at turning an old water bottle into a fully functioning toy car. It’s an easy and fun project that not only saves money, but can also serve as a fun bonding experience.

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Christmas Bells

Between presents, decorations, and traveling to see family, the holidays can get pretty expensive. Luckily, there are several different ways to upcycle water bottles into cute and cost-effective Christmas decorations.

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Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments made out of upcycled water bottles are inexpensive, they look just as good as the store-bought ones, and, when it comes time to store them, they’re much less likely to break than their glass or porcelain counterparts. Truly, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t decorate your tree with DIY plastic ornaments

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Spaghetti Holder (or Measurer)

An empty water bottle makes a great storage container for spaghetti. Or, if you have trouble eyeballing how much spaghetti comprises a serving size, you can also use the bottle to properly measure out a portion.

According to Lifehacker, the number of noodles you can fit into the open part of the bottle is just about one serving. Basically, an old water bottle is just full of new uses when it comes to noodles.

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