6-Step Guide To Remember When You Have A Builder In Your Home

Do you know what builders want most when they’re decorating or renovating your home?

Research conducted by community platform Airtasker reveals the number one thing tradespeople want when working for a new client – a cup of tea or coffee.

Apparently, only one in five is offered a hot drink on a job, with many Brits saying they feel awkward when it comes to starting conversation with their builders and don’t know how to behave around them. Meanwhile, just 43% of those asked in the survey said they offer builders or decorators snacks during the day.

Some other top annoyances for tradespeople also includes…

  • Receiving a late payment
  • Unrealistic cost expectations from homeowners
  • Clients booking them in for a job that’s not ready to work on yet
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But on the flip side, clients (homeowners) also face issues when bringing tradespeople into their homes. Their top annoyances includes:

  • Being overcharged for a project
  • Receiving a bill that’s higher than the original quote
  • Realizing a worker hasn’t been honest about mistakes they have made

Whether it’s a full all-over home renovation or a simple plumbing job, knowing how to act around tradespeople in your home can often be a challenge. Below are some top tips to help homeowners be the perfect host, useful for short-term or long-term renovation work.

1. Clear their workspace

According to the study, one of the best ways to make tradespeople feel welcome is to ensure they have a tidy space to work. Clear away any clutter before they begin to work and it will help to make their job much easier.

2. Offer them a hot drink

Offering a cup of tea or coffee is one of the top priorities for those who work on projects in the home. It may seem like the most simple of things to do, but it is easily one of the most welcoming. If you have building work taking place over a long period of time, it’s also a good way to break the ice.

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3. Share your facilities

Only 66 percent of homeowners give tradespeople access to the bathroom, while just 60 percent give them WiFi codes and show them where the nearest plugs are. Unless you have a portable toilet outside, one of the best ways to ensure they feel welcomed is by letting them use your facilities.

4. Let them listen to music

Many people are under the assumption that tradespeople like to work in silence. But that’s not always true. Give them the opportunity to listen to music while they work – it could be a great motivation for them.

5. Let them park close by

If you have room in your driveway, give them the opportunity to park on it (or close by). Only 29 percent of those in the survey admitted to letting tradespeople park near to their home. Enabling them to keep their car close to your house will mean they have easy reach for tools and equipment.

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6. Create a good professional relationship

Over one in 10 homeowners admitted they tend to say a brief hello and then hideaway, but the findings suggest there really is no need. While it can be tempting to leave them to it, try to get to know them a little – they’re much more likely to go above and beyond for you, and you’re probably more likely to hire them again in future.

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