Cool Things You Can Make With A Wooden Pallet

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The humble wooden pallet is an upcycler’s best friend; cheap, readily available and made from a versatile material with hundreds of practical uses.

Transforming these simple building blocks into awesome furniture projects have become a huge trend and with some inventive thinking, you can create a unique piece for your home and garden.

From a bar to a bedframe, be inspired by these DIY pallet ideas…

Kaleidoscope Living

Style a wall with pallet picture frames

Don’t be tempted to pick up a pallet from anywhere as some may have been chemically treated or used to transport poisonous materials. Use pallets which have stamps identifying clear sources.

Once you have it, this hanging pipe rod with pallet wood frames makes an affordable and simple project. The frames are designed so the artwork can be easily swapped out to update the look.

Serve on a wood pallet dining table

Create a chic Scandi-style dining room with a bright white dining table. You’ll need to top your pallet with planks to get an even surface but once painted with white gloss, you’ll find your table is easy to wipe free of watermarks and food spills. The trestle bases are from IKEA, so this whole look is very affordable.


Pretty up a pallet picnic table

A low-level pallet picnic table can create extra surface space if you are entertaining a crowd. This easy project is super versatile as the pallets are simply stacked on top of one another no nails or glue is needed.

Sand down and clean two pallets with methylated spirits for a smooth finish and paint with an all-purpose wood stain in the direction of the grain. Then, add floor cushions and a vintage table setting.

The Merrythought

Relax on a pallet garden swing bed

Create the ultimate hangout spot with a pretty pallet swing bed. It needs extra reinforced lumber wood to support suspended body weight, strong rope that won’t rot and a waterproof mattress or vinyl mattress cover. Follow the tutorial at The Merrythought and then lay back and relax in your new boho garden feature.

Tomas Riehle

Buy a pallet occasional chair

Get in sync with the surroundings by adding upcycled furniture to an industrial-look space. This simple chair is made from repurposed wooden pallets so you do need fairly advanced carpentry skills to pull this off, but it looks chic set in front of a gray feature wall.

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