12 Stunning Interior Design Trends in 2020 Everyone Can Adopt

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First of all, 2020 is here and this means that there are a lot of new design trends that we have to follow! So, as the saying implies “new year, new me,” new things come with the beginning of a new year, whether we talk about stuff from our personal lives or new ideas of renovating our home. 

Anyway, designers say that it is always a good idea to start the year with a new home project that involves creativity at maximum levels and a fresh atmosphere that will automatically change the vibes in your beloved place. And the best part is that you do not need more money to do some changes! You can reuse some items that you love and we tell you a secret: nowadays even the style is recyclable, so this involves a return in time and bringing back the old styles to life. 

“Learn its flow, where the groceries land, where the laundry wants to go, how the sun hits it, where the choke points are, which way the rain slants, even get a sense of its soul,” says Bruce Irving, an independent renovation consultant, and real estate agent. “All of this will inform your choices when you make your plans to change things.”

Another important thing that you have to consider in this process is putting your own style in those ideas and letting your creativity explode because if you follow a predetermined plan and expecting that everything will go according to that plan you will probably fail. “We all hope and pray everything goes according to plan and then we fail,” says Irving. So, try to follow the important steps, but customize them as you like. 

Also, hiring a professional designer that doesn’t fit your tastes is also a bad idea, because it does not matter how good he does his job if it is in vain because you do not like the results. If you do not want to renovate your home by yourself, then try to talk to a specialist that really understands your needs and preferences and establish your priorities. “If he or she doesn’t ask you a lot of questions about your needs, desires, and the way you live, find someone else,” notes Irving. “Listening skills and curiosity are crucial.”

There is another category of people who think that they understand a design scheme and finally discover that it is not really what they wanted. So, if you want to work with a designer and not to do it by yourself, then do not pretend to understand the design scheme if you actually did not, because this will could cost you a lot of money. Do not feel ashamed to ask questions and try to think outside the box. “Painters tape can be a girl’s best friend,” says Jocelyn Chiappone, interior designer, so do not hesitate to speak freely. 

Thus, if you want to learn more about how to decorate your home in 2020, here are a few ideas that will surely impress you! 

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