8 Decor Trends from the 1990’s That Are Back in Style

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Brown furniture is ready to steal the show

Brown walls and furniture are back in town again! Before making any redecorating decisions, try and find colors to complement and enhance those brown decorative choices. Most browns are a kind of dark and muted orange (orange being a secondary color – mixed red and yellow) and the complementary would, therefore, be a blue. A reddish brown’s complementary color will be a green, a purplish brown’s complimentary will be yellow.

Or perhaps, you could complement the browns with more minimalistic tones by getting some gray or white carpets, bring some plants into the house (for that splash of color) with a black pot or you can opt for a white sofa as your central piece of furniture surrounded by the browns. 

Also, you can play with the pattern and colors of the curtains in the living room or you can put another floor. In the kitchen, choosing brown cabinets and furniture can allow your creative attentions to turn to the tiles and the flooring, finding the perfect complimentary colors.

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