7 Decorating Rules You Should Ignore, According to Designers

Photo by Berkay Demirkan / Shutterstock

You can replace your hardware because it doesn’t have to match

When changing the kitchen furniture, many people think that the hardware should match with the other pieces. Well, it seems that this popular belief is wrong and you should break this ‘rule’ when you decide to redecorate your home. So, if you choose a piece of white furniture, you can also opt for black hardware for a great contrast. Of course, you can choose the colors you want, but the idea is to avoid matching them.

According to Suzan Wemlinger, principal interior designer at Suzan J Designs, “just because your kitchen cabinets have bronze hardware, that doesn’t mean that your faucet, light fixtures, and knobs all need to be bronze. You should try mixing metals because it makes a room look so much more interesting.”

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