7 Decorating Rules You Should Ignore, According to Designers

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You can create a beautiful room even if you choose to mix and match various design styles

If you like two different styles, it doesn’t mean that you have to use just one! For example, if you like the minimalist style, but you want to use boho accents, just go for it! Designers recommend you to mix the styles because the result will look more interesting in this case. Moreover, if you used a vintage style in your kitchen, but you want an industrial one in the living room you can do it! In other words, you can mix the styles between rooms, or within one room, it doesn’t matter!

According to Annie Santulli of Annie Santulli Designs, “you don’t have to design an eclectic space to incorporate a piece that doesn’t fit with the interior design style of the room. A traditional piece can be updated with modern fabrics and finishes, and rustic pieces can add rich and organic texture.”

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