7 Decorating Rules You Should Ignore, According to Designers

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You can choose artwork from different artists

If you ask people about their artwork, they will tell you that using artwork from the same artist is a rule they never break. But according to designers, this rule is actually fake, because it doesn’t matter how you choose art, it is important that you like it and that’s all! Moreover, as the saying goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” so, it is important to like the art, not just limit ourselves to the work of a single artist. Feel free to choose your home items the way you like and do not listen to what people say.

“No matter how good the art may be, if it’s all a similar look, it lacks visual interest. Also, if every piece is a framed canvas piece, there is little textural interest for the viewer. Instead, think about mixing different styles and genres like a traditional vintage framed oil portrait mixed in with a canvas abstract,” said Suzan Wemlinger, principal interior designer at Suzan J Designs.

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