16 Things You Should Clean More Often These Days

Photo by Budimir Jevtic / Shutterstock

During the coronavirus outbreak, you have probably heard many tips on how to clean your house and obvious recommendations to follow, but things are actually more complicated in reality. In order to avoid viruses and bacteria, to be as safe as possible and live in a healthy environment, it is advisable to clean the less obvious places in our house as well!

The truth is that we have to clean our home frequently and make sure that we check even the most hidden places in the house. Living in a clean environment and following proper personal hygiene will help us get over this pandemic healthy and safe!

According to many health specialists, in general, cold and flu viruses can live on surfaces from a few hours, to a few days! So, you should be careful and clean your house often, even though you are in (self) quarantine or (self) isolation.

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