16 Things You Should Clean More Often These Days

Photo by jarabee123 / Shutterstock

Clean the fridge and refresh the food

Our fridge should be cleaned often because we keep food in there and we touch it daily. But besides cleaning the fridge per se, it is very important to throw away the spoiled or expired food as well.

Also, you should do what they do in shops and restaurants. Called ‘stock rotation’, you should put the newer products at the back and move the older ones to the front so you don’t end up with a fridge that is filled at the back with spoiled food.

“Increase efficiency, save money and get ready for fresh ingredients by cleaning out your refrigerator,” says Varner. “Clear out old food and defrost your freezer. Use a sponge and a baking powder solution to wipe out the inside of both your freezer and refrigerator.”

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