16 Things You Should Clean More Often These Days

Photo by Mindy w.m. Chung / Shutterstock

You should start with ceiling fans

It is very important to have a spotless house and this is why you should clean all the items, even though you do not use or see them often. That being said, ceiling fans are in this category. In fact, you only need five minutes to wipe the dust off. So, given the fact that we have to stay at home because of the coronavirus, I guess you have a few minutes to clean it up.

“[Ceiling fans] need to be cleaned regularly,” Jacqueline Janus, cleaning expert and owner of cleaning company Two Chicks and a Broom tells Reader’s Digest. “You can’t see up there, but it’s a great place for dust to settle, even if you keep them running. An extendable microfiber duster is perfect for this.”

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