7 Home Cleaning Jobs That Can Substitute Going to the Gym

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Cleaning your bathroom

If you choose to spend at least thirty minutes (or more) cleaning your bathroom, I promise you that you will get rid of arm fat as well as those germs that love to stay in your bathroom. There are a lot of tasks that wait for you to accomplish them, such as scrubbing the shower stall and bathtub, cleaning the floor, polishing faucets and mirrors and wiping all the surfaces. But when you start to clean your bathroom you should keep in mind that some cleaning products can be harmful to your health. 

For instance, these cleaning workouts can be associated with cardio exercises because they will increase your heart rate and make you breathe deeper and faster as well (as aerobic training does). Thus, if you use cleaning products that contain certain chemicals, such as volatile organic compounds, your health could be adversely affected. Instead, you can use a surgical face mask when you disinfect your house or you can simply opt for eco friendly cleaning solutions.

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