7 Home Cleaning Jobs That Can Substitute Going to the Gym

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Prepare your dinner and clean up afterwards

What can be healthier than a delicious home-cooked dinner with your own natural ingredients, exercise and a clean house? This is the perfect time when you should take advantage of your free time and try to be as productive as possible, because not only will you have a clean house and do two things at the same time, namely working out and cleaning your house, but you will also be healthier if you cook natural food and stay active. 

From chopping vegetables and stirring your food to washing the dishes, setting the table and vacuuming the floor after eating, all these activities help you burn some calories and stay fit. In addition, according to many health experts, standing and washing dishes by hand for at least thirty minutes can help you burn between 187 and 300 calories. As I mentioned before, the number of calories depends on your weight and how vigorous you are when you clean with that sponge.

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