7 Gardening Tips for Beginners During the Coronavirus Self-Isolation

Photo by Marie C Fields / Shutterstock


You have to choose the right soil

The key to survival plants is choosing the right type of soil. You can opt for a garden or potting soil. But if you use top soil or compost for your container plants you have to be careful. “They will retain too much moisture and can rot the seed of the young plants and may also introduce insects or diseases,” Scott says.

The first step is to identify the needs of your plants. You have to consider the amount of moisture your plant needs. You have to choose between organic and conventional potting soils as well because plants need various nutrients. Moreover, you can use lighter soil for hanging plants or for plants that grow in the shade and avoid using heavy soil. 

“The soil should be damp, but not saturated. Damp soil mixes absorb water more readily than dry soil,” says Scott.

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