10 Shocking Facts About Your Home You Didn’t Know

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The overhang on your roof has a specific purpose

Even though your roof looks weird and does not seem to fit your house, you should be aware that it actually has a specific purpose. So, the overhang on your roof protects the roof from wind and water. I think that these facts will help you next time when you want to renovate your house.

“When we apply shingles to a roof, we actually create a slight overhang so that the shingles jut out a half of an inch,” explains Eamon Lynch, director of a warranty service at Power Home Remodeling.

Moreover, you should know that the style of your roof depends on where you live and they are created according to the environmental conditions of a territory.

According to home experts, you can find out when your house was built by looking at its roof and color. If you have ever been in doubt and did not know when your house was built, now you can know for sure only by the shape of the roof and color. “Victorian-style houses, distinguished by a very steeply pitched roof, date back more than a century,” said Lynch. “If a house is painted in browns or yellows, it’s likely to have been built in the ’70s or early ’80s,” he said.

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