10 Shocking Facts About Your Home You Didn’t Know

Photo by Nadia Yong / Shutterstock

Farmers painted their farmhouses and barns red because another paint was expensive

As you probably know, many farmhouses and barns are painted red because farmers found a cheap and natural alternative to red paint – thus, real paint was very expensive.

“Farmers didn’t have a lot of money to buy paint, and so they started to experiment with what they had on hand: skimmed milk, lime, and red iron oxide—also known as rust,” explains Jon Beer, a contractor specializing in historic restorations and owner of Jon Beer Contracting in Newburgh, New York.

These materials offered a protective red coating for wood, and today, many farmers choose to paint their farmhouses and brans red to honor this popular tradition. So, not only is this a tradition, but red paint looks really great on farmhouses.

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