9 Fascinating Interior Decorating Secrets Only Experts Know 

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Choose the right lighting

As you probably know, one of the most important things that you have to take into consideration when redecorating your home is choosing the right lighting. In addition, you have to choose the right light bulb for every single room in your house and this task can be quite complicated sometimes. Also, you have to choose from the ambient, task or accent lighting and bright, dim, hanging, wall, or LED lights. Would you prefer pendants, chandeliers or lamps? Well, you should know exactly what you want and choose the right lighting. 

For instance, you should use warm lighting in your bedroom, bright light in your dining and living room and bright LED lights in your bathroom. 

“Choosing the right light bulb is very important. LED bulbs are energy efficient, and they can look great,” said interior designer, Paloma Contreras.

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