9 Fascinating Interior Decorating Secrets Only Experts Know 

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You can opt for vintage items

“Great art and fabulous antiques only get better with age. It’s better to try once and have a forever piece,” said interior designer, Chandos Dodson Epley. 

Upgrading the decor of your house with antique elements is a great idea and comes from our innate need for a connection to the past. Antique items will help you transform your home into a historic site full of value. If you want to blend the old world with a sense of the new, then all you have to do is to choose some vintage pieces of furniture and home accessories. 

“The juxtaposition of contemporary pieces with antiques makes a room young and alive. We should not attempt to create museums, but rather should strive for comfortable living spaces of character and beauty,” said Rose Tarlow, author of The Private House.

Nevertheless, it’s very important to focus on how a piece of furniture makes you feel, rather than when it was made. “The history of furniture has been fueled by them,” says interior designer, Anthony Baratta. “My feeling is if something is lovely, it’s lovely. Everyone is hung up on ‘period appropriate,’ but that’s really not how people live now.”

So, if you want to spruce up your space, then mix old and new objects. “You want a place to feel rooted,” said interior designer, Peter Dunham. “I layer reclaimed things so you can’t tell what’s new and what’s old.”

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