8 Ways To Keep Your Home Dog-Friendly Without Sacrificing Style

Photo by dezy / Shutterstock

Choose durable fabrics

As we said before, animals tend to soil or scratch certain pieces of furniture, especially when left alone at home, so this is why it is recommended to choose sofas that contain durable upholstery.

“Pet friendly fabrics have come a long way!” Musur says. “Do not shy away from light fabrics because you have little ones or pets — just get the right fabric. The industry standard for making fabrics family-friendly is becoming the norm.”

“If you want full-proof light fabrics, stick with cowhide, as depicted in this entryway bench. Pets love it and it’s the most stain resistant fabric out there to date,” says Musur. “This finish is one of the most durable for wiping off almost anything you can throw at it — from muddy paws to accidental art projects,” she added.

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