9 Small Changes To Make Your House More Beautiful

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Seek the help of experts 

If you think that you aren’t good enough at do it yourself projects, you can always ask an expert for advice, but you have to make sure that he or she will understand your needs and takes you into a story that explains everything you need to know about what he / she is going to do.

“We do a deep dive in understanding their hopes, dreams, and aspirations and then do the same with exploring the location we are working in,” said Patrick Sutton, an interior designer who studied architecture at Carnegie Mellon University and started his own firm in 2004. “Since our work is so story-driven, we need to get that part right before we do anything.”

Many interior designers will ask you some questions about yourself because they want to better understand your needs. “It’s like dating,” said Sutton. “I ask questions designed to tell me more about the client. Like, ‘What are some of your favorite trips you have taken, and why do you like them? What makes you happy? Do you cook? Who inspires you?’ Based on the answers, I get, I dig deeper into detail. Are you a light, bright happy person, or do you prefer a cozy, warm, and masculine spaces?”

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