7 Cleaning Myths You Should Stop Believing

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Lemon is effective for disinfecting your garbage disposal

If you thought that lemons can disinfect your herbage disposal, it’s important to know from now on that they only help it smell better, but don’t have antibacterial properties. According to experts, lemon may leave your cutting boards smelling fresh, but they won’t be germ-free. 

But, if you want “to properly disinfect your disposal, you must spray a cleaning solution [like] a mild soap down the drain. Let the solution sit, scrub your disposal with a brush, and flush with warm water,” says Paul Abrams, a plumbing expert with Roto-Rooter.

If you want to disinfect your house properly, you should use an effective cleaning product that contains bleach, as it can kill bacteria, such as salmonella and E.coli. “Sometimes consumers think if one tablespoon is good, then a quarter cup is probably really good,” said Shelley Feist, executive director of the Partnership for Food Safety Education. But a tablespoon “is a very effective killer of these kinds of pathogens that could cause illness.”

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