8 Decorating Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Cheap

Photo by Svineyard / Shutterstock

You don’t know how to position your curtains

Even though it might seem really simple to hang your curtains, it is actually one of the biggest mistakes that people always make. “It’s a very common mistake,” says Aragon. “People often hang them right above the window, which makes it look smaller.”

So, even if you paid a lot of money for a curtain, the way you install it can make your house look cheap. “Hang the curtain rod about half a foot above the window frame, and place the wall brackets about six to eight inches out on either end,” says Aragon. “That way, everything looks larger and more opened up, and your room is more elegant.”


Photo by princessnuch145 / Shutterstock

Poor lighting fixtures

If you choose cheap lighting fixtures, your house will look the same. So, if you want to sell your house, try to opt for decent lighting fixtures. “Updating lighting fixtures can be an inexpensive way to really help improve the overall aesthetic of any space, as well as giving a sense of sophisticated elegance and comfort,” said designer and creative director Suzanne Donegan.

Berk said that lighting is “the jewelry of interior spaces,” so try to choose them wisely. When you replace your lighting fixtures, try to “consider an upgrade that you can take with you if you want whenever you move,” he added.

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