8 Decorating Mistakes That Make Your Home Look Cheap

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Poor and outdated bathroom accessories

Even though lid covers and toilet rugs were once very popular, nowadays they only make your bathroom look cheap and outdated. In fact, “this is one of my biggest faux pas,” says Berk.

“You don’t see these products sold at high-end stores for a reason. They are highly unsanitary and unsightly—they look like bad shag rugs, which don’t belong anywhere near the toilet!” he added.

According to experts, bathroom accessories should be replaced and cleaned frequently if you want to avoid germs and bacteria. Instead, you can opt for “a nice rectangular rug, perhaps a flat weave. And be sure to put it in an appropriate spot in the bathroom, such as in front of the vanity at the sink or where you step out of the shower,” said Berk.


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You prefer too many accessories

You should accessorize your house carefully if you want to make it look more beautiful and expensive. That being said, you should avoid using too many accessories. 

“A major pet peeve for me is when a room is just overcluttered with accessories. It instantly signals ‘cheap’ to me even when the accessories are super expensive,” says Teich. “Accessories should be grouped together to create a pleasing vignette, whether it’s on the cocktail table, buffet, or bookcase.”

Instead, you should “gather all the accessories together and take them out of the room,” says Teich, and then “look at the room with fresh eyes and select the spots that accessories will make the most impact and will set the tone for the finished space.”

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