6 Ways You Might Be Destroying All Your Furniture


Buying new furniture gives you a feeling of accomplishment. After all, you spend time, money, and energy finding the right sofa that fits your house perfectly. Unfortunately, the joy of having a new furniture item will be short-lived if you make one of these mistakes.

Curious to know what’s destroying your furniture? Then read on to find out what you might be doing wrong and how to prevent your décor’s demise.


The smooth talk

It’s not a general rule of marketing, but most salespeople would say anything to convince you to buy a product. But don’t get lured in by their fake enthusiasm. Even if they say the item you want to buy is made of something that can stand up to anything and everything, don’t take their statements at face value. If you want to buy a leather sofa or something that’s better suited for a large family, do your research before purchasing anything.


The sun

The sun’s beautiful rays may work wonders on your mood and positive feelings, but they are not that beneficial for your furniture. In fact, exposure to sunlight can be one of the most damaging elements on materials such as wood, causing it to lose its bright and vibrant look forever.

Blinds and window coverings may help you sunblock your furniture, but when these are not enough, there is something else you can do: rotate your furniture and flip cushions to prevent one side from getting more sun exposure than the others. You can also opt for ultraviolet window film to protect your precious furniture and your even more precious skin.

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The environment

Hate to break it to you but wherever you put it, your furniture is never 100 percent safe. “Basically, any place you will store your furniture can be a recipe for disaster since those places are usually too humid, too dry, too hot, or too cold,” warns Christophe Pourny, author of “The Furniture Bible”.

Jennifer Litwin, author of “Best Furniture Buying Tips Ever!” and “Furniture Hot Spots: The Best Furniture Stores and Websites Coast to Coast,” seems to think the same. “Moisture can stay trapped inside and stain or mildew perfectly great cushions,” she added.

This doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to make sure it stays in proper conditions for as long as possible. For starters, maintain a moderate indoor temperature. Draught may cause significant variations in humidity levels and temperature, so make sure your draught-proof your doors and windows. Not only will it prevent your furniture from ruining itself but it will also reduce your heating bills.



The products

We all want our furniture to look its best. That’s why we don’t spare any money when it comes to preserving it by using high-quality cleaners. Unfortunately, just because they cost more doesn’t mean they can’t ruin a perfectly good upholstered or wood furniture.

“There is no need for any cleaning product when you are dusting your furniture on a regular basis,” Pourny said. “Oils, even the natural ones, silicones, and dusting sprays will create build-up, attract and catch more dust, and end up ruining your finish at long term by seeping through down to the wood.” If you do use a cleaning product, test it first on an unnoticeable part of the item you intend on cleaning. And keep in mind that natural solutions such as salt are always better than chemicals.


The overcleaning

The road to a squeaky-clean house is paved with good intentions. Even if you use cleaning products that don’t seem to damage your furniture, overusing them can still be detrimental to it. Cleaning your furniture from time to time is one thing, but overcleaning accelerates the wear and tear process.

Even if you’re obsessed with a certain stain, don’t go overboard with the scrubbing unless you want to replace your furniture item sooner than planned. “The problem is that overcleaning or professional cleaning can pull the surface off the fabrics, including supple leathers that naturally develop a beautiful patina over time,” says Jennifer Litwin, author of “Best Furniture Buying Tips Ever!” and “Furniture Hot Spots: The Best Furniture Stores and Websites Coast to Coast,”.


The routine

Your couch might feel most comfortable when you sit in a certain spot; your coffee table might sometimes be just what you need when you feel like putting your feet up; your office chair is always placed in the same position, at the same height, after all, you need to feel comfortable when working.

Unfortunately, these habits might seem good to you but they are bad for your furniture. “You should look around and under furniture, check stability and joinery, and look for any damage,” he said. “The sooner you catch a problem, the better chance you have at fixing it. Damage undetected only gets more severe with time.” Christophe Pourny, author of “The Furniture Bible”. And if you want to prolong the lifespan of your furniture, change how you use it every once in a while. The same goes for your pets.


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