6 Ways You Might Be Destroying All Your Furniture

Photo by Grigory_bruev / Envato Elements

The environment

Hate to break it to you but wherever you put it, your furniture is never 100 percent safe. “Basically, any place you will store your furniture can be a recipe for disaster since those places are usually too humid, too dry, too hot, or too cold,” warns Christophe Pourny, author of “The Furniture Bible”.

Jennifer Litwin, author of “Best Furniture Buying Tips Ever!” and “Furniture Hot Spots: The Best Furniture Stores and Websites Coast to Coast,” seems to think the same. “Moisture can stay trapped inside and stain or mildew perfectly great cushions,” she added.

This doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to make sure it stays in proper conditions for as long as possible. For starters, maintain a moderate indoor temperature. Draught may cause significant variations in humidity levels and temperature, so make sure your draught-proof your doors and windows. Not only will it prevent your furniture from ruining itself but it will also reduce your heating bills.

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