4 Essential Gardening Tasks to Prepare Your Garden for Fall

Photo by Serhii Brovko / Shutterstock

Collect seeds

Fall is also a great time to collect seeds from your spring and summer flowers. But best do it fast before birds eat them or frost destroys them. To make sure they spring up, store them in a safe and cool environment like a paper envelope “until the late winter-spring sowing time”, but not before drying them properly.

You should know that different types of seeds require different storage conditions, so make sure you comply with the various temperature, dryness, and humidity requirements. “Fortunately, when storing seeds for a single season, one need not have ideal conditions,” Husby says, adding that the most important thing is to have consistent conditions, sans major fluctuations in temperature, humidity, or light. “The best places are consistently cool (not necessarily cold), dry, and dark,” he adds. “Refrigerators work well, but cool basements or cellars can, too.”

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