Renting a House? You Should Know These 8 Things First!

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Research the neighborhood first

First and foremost, you should research the neighborhood before you move there. So, all you have to do is to look for more homes to rent in the area you that attracts you the most, then try to analyze the area a bit to see how friendly the neighbors are. It’s essential to observe if your neighborhood is dangerous.

However, renting a house is not a permanent decision and you can move immediately if you don’t like the area, but why would anyone want to make such an effort to move and live – even for a few months – in a disadvantaged neighborhood? In other words, try to inform yourself more before taking this step.
Another important thing to think about when choosing an area is whether there is a hospital, how long will it take an ambulance to reach you? Is it too noisy? Maybe it’s a good idea to take a look at crime rates in your area.

According to James Plunkett, head of consumer research at Citizens Advice, reminds potential tenants that it is their responsibility to do the relevant research. Once you have researched the area and determined that it is a safe and convenient place to live, you can definitely sign the papers.


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Talk about pets before moving there

According to real estate agents, there are a lot of people who forget to ask if they can keep a pet in their rented house, and most of the time, they end up moving elsewhere because the landlords don’t allow them to keep a pet there.

So, if you want an animal companion and plan to adopt a pet, or most importantly, you already have a pet, it’s crucial to mention it when deciding to rent a house. Your future landlord should know this aspect beforehand.

“If the landlord does not want pets at the address, then the tenant should look elsewhere. Having a pet in breach of a tenancy agreement that prohibits pets will generally lead to a possession action and eviction further down the line,” added Plunkett.

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