Renting a House? You Should Know These 8 Things First!

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Check out all electronic devices

Before taking this big step that is going to change your life and make you more responsible, you have to check out all the electronic devices in that house to make sure that everything is working properly.

Whether we are talking about the fridge, freezer, washing machine, cooker, dishwasher, TV, microwave and so on, you have to inspect all of them not only because you will need them, but also because there are some landlords who will blame you for their technical defects and you will need to replace those electronics. Unfortunately, if you do not have any proof that you did not destroy them, and as long as you live in that house, you will have to replace them. So, it is your responsibility to tell your landlord if you notice any defects as soon as you move in.

According to Plunkett, “if white goods are included in the inventory on the agreement, then the tenant should visually inspect them and get the landlord to confirm in writing that they all work satisfactorily.“ Also, before signing the papers, you have to mention that it is the landlord’s responsibility to replace them when they break down or, if you replace them with your own money, then the landlord should lower the rental price for that month to compensate for the amount you paid.

Don’t forget that, in fact, this is just a business as landlords should earn some money to meet their needs as well, so try to pay attention to the documents you sign, mention all these things in your rental agreement and try to take proper care of your new house.


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Remember to check the water pressure

Now that you know that it’s essential to check all electronic devices before moving into your new house, you should also consider checking out the water pressure. Why? Well, imagine taking a shower that seems to last an eternity or that you can’t flush the toilet properly… this is a terrible scenario, right? Especially in these days when it is crucial to maintain an adequate personal hygiene routine to overcome the coronavirus pandemic.

With that in mind, it’s crutial that you have to do when inspecting a property is to run the taps and the shower and flush the toilet to see the water pressure. In addition, you can also check out how long it takes for the water to heat up.

So, if there’s is a problem with the water pressure, but you really like the house, the neighbors and the area, you can negotiate for a better offer.

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