Renting a House? You Should Know These 8 Things First!

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Ask the landlord if they (or you) can redecorate the property

It’s perfectly normal to want to change something in your home (or rented home), because we have different personalities and preferences and it’s important to live in a house that makes you feel good.

So, if you want to make changes, you should ask your landlord to do so before you move there, or you can simply ask their permission if you want to redecorate their property by yourself – it’s your choice. If they want to do it for you, or allow you to change something in their house, then you should mention this in the lease before signing it.

Thus, if you want to paint the walls in a different color (or maybe the front door) or remove the carpet, you should talk to your landlord before. However, as I said before, you need to make sure that everything is done before you sign the documents and make any payments.


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Ask the landlord how much money you will need to pay in advance

According to real estate agents, when you first visit a property, you have to ask the landlord how much money you will need to pay in advance. There are a lot of people who plan to rent a house and forget to ask about the “deposit”, and then realize that they don’t have enough money to pay the amount requested in advance.

Even though there is no a fixed amount that each tenant should pay in advance, in general, landlords will want the equivalent of one month’s rent as a deposit, but some of them will ask for more, so, that why it’s important to ask them about the requested deposit before moving there and signing the lease.

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