Renting a House? You Should Know These 8 Things First!

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Ask the landlord if you need a guarantor

In general, landlords will ask the tenant to have a guarantor, because they want to make sure that they get their money. They usually insist on having a guarantor when they think that you have problems paying the rent in the future, so they need a guarantee. As I mentioned before, this is actually a business and the landlords rent their properties because they need money to meet their needs.

So, it is your responsibility to convince the landlord that you have a stable income and that you can afford paying your rent or other things that could arise over time, such as replacing an item that you have damaged.


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Do a deep clean of the property before moving there

Now that you have read the lease carefully and made sure everything is legal and that the landlord agrees with your future plans, it’s time to focus on the property per se and take the next step. Thus, before moving into a rental, one of the most important things that you have to do is to do a deep clean and disinfect everything.

Cleaning the house properly is essential, especially because you don’t know who has lived there before or if the landlord has cleaned it beforehand.

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