6 Tips NO ONE Told You About Organizing Your Fridge

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You shouldn’t store milk in the door

I believe that almost everyone stores a bottle of milk in the door, right? Well, it seems that we should think twice the next time when we want to do this because it’s another common mistake that could lead to food waste. To be honest, we thought that those shelves on the refrigerator door were specially created to store milk there. Let’s find out why!

According to home experts, your fridge door and the top shelf are the warmest spots in your fridge, which means that foods placed there are more likely to spoil, especially milk. In other words, foods that are liable to spoil, such as dairy products and eggs should go on the middle shelf. Plus, don’t store eggs in the egg compartment of your door. In addition, the door of your fridge should be designed for ingredients, water and wine. 


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You should keep fruits and vegetables in different drawers

People who have newer fridges know that they have two drawers, namely one for vegetables because they need high humidity to stay fresh for longer, and another drawer for fruits with low humidity to last longer as well. 

We know that it’s quite difficult to avoid putting them together, especially when you are in a hurry, but it’s important to do so if you want to keep your vitamins fresh for longer and take advantage of their nutritional properties. 

Nevertheless, health experts say that you shouldn’t keep veggies and fruits together because fruits contain a substance called ethylene that can cause the vegetables to spoil faster. So, whether or not you have a new fridge with separate drawers, you should find separate places for them. 

The exception to the rule is strawberries, as they love humid areas and can’t tolerate ethylene. So, you can put strawberries near other vegetables, but don’t wash them before, because too much humidity can deteriorate them.

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