These 7 Home Decor Styles Can Reveal Your Personality

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Personal items on display

  • Meaning: you have a well defined sense of self

According to specialists, if you want to impress your guests and make your home cozier, all you have to do is to display personal items. The more personal objects you display, the more personality your space will have. So, if most of your decorations are personal artifacts, then it means that you have a well developed sense of self.

Even though opting for personal items as decorations sounds common to you and me, the truth is that many people, especially those who are extravagant when it comes to their clothing style, are not followers of these home trends, therefore they prefer to create a safe space at home without personality.

According to Erika Myers, a licensed professional counselor in Bend, Oregon, people who have a well developed sense of self are more likely to be authentic when it comes to their life choices, how they live their lives, and other personal values.


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Busy desk

  • Meaning: you are hardworking and ambitious

In general, keeping your desk decluttered is essential to your own peace of mind, but for some people it could be inspiring and motivating, making them be more productive and creative. According to home experts, a desk full of papers, pens and other items shows that a person is hardworking and ambitious.

Some recent studies have shown that people are way more productive when their desk is cluttered. That’s why when you look at some pictures of various historical geniuses, such as Mark Twain, you will notice that they were always at a cluttered desk. In fact, it is said that busy and hard-working people don’t have time to declutter their offices. As Albert Einstein once said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

However, don’t forget that there’s a big difference between a busy desk and a dirty one. So, that being said, don’t forget to disinfect and clean it constantly.

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