These 7 Home Decor Styles Can Reveal Your Personality

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High quality furniture

  • Meaning: you think about your future

According to home experts, choosing quality furniture is a real investment. “Unfortunately there is a common misconception that you have to settle for either quality or affordability. This is not necessarily true. The ideal is to combine class with value for money. Buying furniture is financially the most viable when seen as a long-term investment,” added Anton Odendaal from Rochester furniture stores.

That being said, it seems that quality furniture reveals about you that you are concerned about your future, which is actually a good thing.


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Pendant light

  • Meaning: you are open to change and you like to be different

Well, a pendant light is a great way to beautify your rooms and add a little extra light, whether we talk about your kitchen or bedroom. The truth is that not everyone is courageous enough to opt for a pendant light, but if you do this, it means that you are open to change and you also like to be different in your real life.


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A lot of kitchen appliances

  • You like to make people smile and feel good

A kitchen without appliances is like a winter without snow… Of course, we all have everything we need when it comes to our kitchen, from cooking appliances to coffee makers and various pots, but if you have too many kitchen helpers, it means that you are a really good person – or at least that’s how home décor language describes you.

To be more specific, according to specialists, people who have many kitchen appliances love to make other people smile and feel good, as well as to be a good host.

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