10 Innocent-Looking Household Items That Can Cause Cancer


Your home should be your sanctuary, your safe haven, the place where you can disconnect from the entire world the minute you step foot inside. It should be the place where you feel safe and sound at all times.

But what if I told you that there are things in your house that could disturb your life affect your health in ways you have never imagined? From the couch you use to relax on every evening to the closet you use to store your fashionable clothes, check out these innocent -looking household items that can cause cancer. They won’t seem so innocent once you find out the dangers they can pose to your health.


Your shower curtain

Contains: PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and VOC (volatile organic compounds)

Replace with: birch, hemp, linen, or cotton shower curtains

More than ten years ago, American scientists discovered that shower curtains contain a cocktail of highly harmful compounds and toxic chemicals that can cause a variety of illnesses, including cancer. The PVC shower curtains were therefore banned but some people may still have such dangerous items in their bathrooms. If you also have one, just know that apart from containing cancerous chemicals, the shower linen can release as much as 108 chemicals in the air. Still think itís practical in your bathroom?


Styrofoam cups

Contains: styrene

Replace with: paper or glass cups

Apart from being outdated, all Styrofoam products, such as cups, include styrene, a compound that was officially listed in 2004 as a substance that could increase the risk of cancer. Styrene is used extensively to manufacture plastics and rubber, so you might find it in other items in your house, such as your refrigerator.

How to stay away from Styrene? Well, it easyÖdonít buy Styrofoam products anymore. See also THESE 6 LIFE-THREATENING DANGERS COULD HIDE IN YOUR HOME TOO.

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