13 Smart Hacks To Cut Your House-Cleaning Time In Half


Use bleach gel to remove mold

Bathrooms are known to be humid and damp rooms, due to the amount of water that the place is subject to on a daily basis. Damp can cause mold, which in turn, can lead to serious health problems. To eliminate the mold and prevent other complications, use the bleach gel you normally use to clean your toilet.

“Starting at the top of the shower and grout lines, generously apply the gel and let it drip down,” advises cleaning expert Lisa Van Groningen, founder of Your Mom Village. She recommends leaving the bleach to do its thing for four hours and then wipe it away.


Clean your windows when it’s cloudy outside

Can’t seem to get rid of the spots and streaks on your windows no matter how hard or how often you scrub them? You’re not the only one with this problem. Rather than buying expensive cleaning products that might or might not do the trick, try this mind-blowing cleaning hack: clean your windows when it’s shady out.

There’s a pretty reasonable explanation for that. According to Lyle Kvarnlov, product services manager at window company Marvin, when cleaning during a sunny day, the sun warms the glass, causing the cleaning solution to dry and streak. He suggests cleaning your windows when the sun is not that bright, starting with the outer windowpanes and then the inner ones. Try it and tell us if his solution works!

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