13 Smart Hacks To Cut Your House-Cleaning Time In Half


Use baking soda to refresh musty carpets

You can’t always have your carpets professionally cleaned; for one, it’s not as cheap as one might think and secondly, sometimes they’re not doing such a great job. Instead of paying someone else to do a lousy job, try cleaning your carpets with something that you already have in the house: baking soda.

Yes, as strange as it may sound, baking soda is a cheap, all-natural solution to deodorize your carpets and give them back their color and softness. “Sprinkle some baking soda on the carpet, let it sit for at least an hour, and vacuum it up,” recommends Matt Clayton, founder of Pet Hair Patrol.

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Use lime juice to clean your shower

To conquer the tough grime and mineral residue on your shower tiles, you can use a very cheap but highly effective cleaning substance: lime juice. There’s a catch, however. According to bathroom fixture expert Will Tottle, proprietor of Steam Shower Parts, you have to let the lemon juice sit for about30 minutes before scrubbing.

“It can be used neat or mixed with water, replacing top natural cleaning solutions like white vinegar when removing grime from toilets, showers, tiles, and fixtures,” he adds.


Use dishwashing liquid to clean glass shower doors

The dishwashing liquid that cleans your dishes to perfection can also do the same for your shower doors. As explained by cleaning expert Lisa Van Groningen, the dish detergent can cut through the soap scum on your shower doors without damaging them or leaving any streaks behind. Just “apply a generous amount to a paper towel” and start rubbing until all the residue is eliminated. If you’ve got excess liquid, use a squeegee to get rid of it. It really is that easy!

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