10 Home Improvement Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

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Try to upgrade your fixtures

Of course, you can remodel a room in your house without spending a fortune and all you have to do is to replace some handles and knobs. For example,  Bonnie Heatzig of The Luxury Real Estate Authority, recommends Anthropologie if you want cool knobs or you can choose to visit other antique stores where you can find various vintage goods that will help you create a beautiful atmosphere in that room.

Moreover, if you want to improve your home design, you should take into consideration a possible modification of the light fixtures. Hence, not only are they easy to install, but they will also change the vibe of the room instantly, depending on your mood.

According to experts, the lighting in a house has a major impact in creating the illusion of a bigger home. For instance, if you choose darker colors in a room, you risk making that space look smaller, while light colored walls will make your house look bigger. Interior designers also say that directional lighting, such as a track light, can soften the wall colors.

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