10 Home Improvement Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

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Try to decorate your storage as well

While decorating your storage space may seem like a crazy idea to some people, according to many interior designers, this is an area that should never be neglected, especially if you want to remodel your home on a budget.

For example, Liz Jeneault, vice president of marketing at Faveable, said that she recently upgraded the storage area in her living room and daughter’s room by adding some stylish storage ottomans. She recommends this trend to every woman, especially mothers, as they are extremely elegant and can also completely transform the design of that room – not to mention that storage ottomans are also great for storing toys, magazines, blankets and other small items.

Therefore, this type of storage accessory is perfect particularly for moms because they can hide their kids’ toys there, especially when they have guests, so they spend less time tidying up the house.

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