8 Common Household Items That Can Make You Sick

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Certain bathroom products

Well, there is actually a serious reason why many people focus more on buying organic or hand made products, especially when it comes to their skin care products. To be more specific, according to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, there are some products for your hair or the bath that contain some toxic chemicals, such as formaldehyde, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives and 1,4-dioxane. These chemicals are known to cause skin irritations, cancer, or organ system toxicity.

Also, even though some marketing strategies call baby bath products “gentle” and “pure”, the truth is that they contain these cancer-causing chemicals as well. It seems that these chemicals weren’t disclosed on product labels.

“Given the recent data showing that formaldehyde and the formaldehyde-releasing preservative, quaternium-15, are significant sensitizers and causal agents of contact dermatitis in children, it would be prudent to have these removed from children’s products,” said Sharon Jacob, M.D., assistant professor of medicine and pediatrics at the University of California San Diego and contact dermatitis specialist at Rady Children’s Hospital.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) said that bathing your kids in products contaminated with carcinogens shows how out of date our cosmetic laws are and how urgently they need to be updated. That being said, try to use natural or hand made products instead.

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